A Second Chance (Title)

A Second Chance (Title) blood stories

arivers610 Just another hopeless writer
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I love writing poetry but I do miss writing stories. So here's a little story based off the daily challenge. Not sure if it will turn into more or not.

A Second Chance (Title)

The room was decorated in red and black. It rained down dipping low and almost skimming the top of her head. Splashes of silver and gold Flowers on every surface Some within reach

The table was small Intimate That was the vibe it gave off It was a very intimate setting She didn’t need the blush she applied to her cheeks anymore. Now her face was as red as the roses on the table

“Have a seat.”

He walked her over to her chair and helped her sit down Treating her as fragile as she felt. She didn’t realize how tired she was until her legs were no longer responsible for holding up her frail body

It was apparent to her how little time she had left. She sensed it from him too. He was always gentle with her but even more so in the past week

“You didn’t go ahead and plan my funeral already.”

What was meant to be a joke made him look away and sigh. Before she could apologize he took her hand

“When I first met you I felt like I understood everything that has happened and why it needed to happen the way it did. Every decision I’ve made has lead me into your path. I need, no I want to do this for you.”

She stared back at him with wide eyes Waiting for something Waiting for him to get down on one knee Waiting for him to say he’s leaving Waiting for him to end her suffering as she has asked so many times before

He got up Placed a glass in front of her encrusted in diamonds and large ruby gemstones. He bit into his wrist and filled the glass up until it was half way full.

“What are you doing?”

“I’m giving you a gift. I’m giving you the one thing you’ve never asked for even though it’s the thing you deserve most... life.”

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