The Fight for Freedom
The Fight for Freedom poetry stories

aristonia Respect is earned, not given freely
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Short freestyle poem.

The Fight for Freedom

A robin was pecking at the ground,

Hungry but nothing was found.

An eagle was overhead and had had his fill

But still,

Looking for more.

He saw her,

And he swooped in.

Feathers replaced where she once had been.

In the sky, she lay,

Struggling and fighting to be free.

He dug deeper.

She cried and continued to fight.

With each struggle, anger grew in him.

He tore her apart,

Leaving a trail of blood in his wake.

Meanwhile, a pigeon laid in its nest,

Watching the fight from afar.

He pruned his feathers and went to rest.

Why should he cry?

He had not lost anything.

He had everything and nothing to lose.

Yet the poor poor robin

Had nothing and everything to lose.

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