I Know Why the Grass Stayed
I Know Why the Grass Stayed poem stories
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aristonia What's the most painless form of suicide
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This is a imitation of Maya Angelou's I Know Why the Caged Bird Sings. It's cryptic as usual and I would love to hear all of your analyses down in the comments below.

I Know Why the Grass Stayed

The trees scorned at the grass littering their feet and enjoys the view of the soft blue skies and the soft yellow sun and dares to claim the world.

But the grass that grew between pavement cracks can never see through their cages of red their thoughts are trampled and their souls are neglected so they sat and bade their time.

The seething grass waited with a burning hatred for the things unknown but the trees feared for still and their fire is seen from the skies above for the grass waited for the hammer and the sickle

The oblivious trees admire their bills and the houses made from minted copper and ignore the warnings of the furious grass still and they name the world their own.

But the clever blades knew the time was near their wrathful screams for the trees to run their yells are muffled and their roots are tied so they open their hearts and prayed

The shredded grass prays with a mournful laugh for their roots to be loose for their mouths to be opened for the trees to survive for the world to remain theirs but they know their prayers will never be heard.

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