When The Rose Dies By: Kristian Fernandez
When The Rose Dies
By: Kristian Fernandez sad stories

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(Prologue) A new story, about teen love, and sadness. (Warning, eventual suicide, and self harm)

By: Kristian Fernandez

When The Rose Dies By: Kristian Fernandez

He was a minute too late. He'd run to her house, only to discover his girlfriend lifeless, cold, pale, and on the floor.The cuts were too deep this time.

"Why didn't you tell me?" He questions the dead body he used to know as his lover.

The razor, marked with the blood of her all over it, had slipped out of her hand as she lost consciousness moments before. The breathing stopped seconds before he reached her.

He now holds her in his arms, wondering if it was his fault.

The ambulance rushes her into the hospital, and about an hour later, she is declared dead. He collapses to the floor, screaming in the most painful way.

His once cheerful girlfriend is now gone, and he cries until no more tears can be shed.

The news spread quickly around the high school, and the bullies acted as if they were her best friends, saying how much they will miss her.

Her only "true" friend didn't even seem to care, actually she seemed happy that she was gone.

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