*alter ego*
*alter ego* ransom stories

arietta Q&A coming when we get some responses
Autoplay OFF   •   2 months ago
Nice to meet y'all! Hope we can make friends

[hope u can save me...]

*alter ego*

[this probably wont work. but worth a shot right?]

Hi! My name's Arietta Lord and I'm almost 12. My friend told me to make a Commaful..so I did..and here I am!

[its a lie.]

I write poetry,

[dont believe the lies.]

short stories,

[help! this girl - she's captured me - a fellow Commaful user - and is holding me for ransom!]

and anything else I feel like writing!

[it's your job to figure out WHO i am based on clues on this Commaful page - it's post, description, and everything else! (excluding pm.)]

A bit about my personality:

[It takes a lot of energy for me to take control of arietta writing, so theres not much else i can say]

I'm a very bright, happy person! I make music, stories, poems and friends! I am lesbian and English. So, hello all, and I can't wait to become friends with you.

Please remember to drop a like, a follow..and bye!

[please help. please figure out who. please. bye.]

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