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Interview with @Tam

Hello! Nice to have you here Here is my first question, if you could have one super power OR do something impossible what would it be?

umm... probley being invisible i know its common but it would be so cool

Good Answer!

Thank you

what do you think you are best at doing in life?

I think it would be tied with sleeping and annoyng people till i get what i want

haha, lol For anything, what advice would you give your parents and what about?

i think my parents need to know that the world is changing and that not everything needs to be the same

wow! that's great advice!

thank you i think alot of people need to hear it

if you could be any animal, what would you be?


cool, and why is that

they are so cool they are cute under-rated and they can be fierce plus it would be sooo easy to sneak up on people

haha, very cool, lol


what do you think one word to describe you be?


haha, nice tell me about a fun time in your life, funny, happy, whatev

umm... probley when i was know as the tomato girl it was really fun i would put tomatoos in 25ish peopples hoods and no one would notice

haha, sounds like fun ok, two more questions


what is the grossest thing you can think of?

ummm... cannibalism

and, why is that?

its so horrible i mean i get you want to live but i would rather die and you could never undo it *shudder*

ok, and last question, you may pick one to answer, u can either pick what do you look for in a boyfriend or girlfriend or what do you look for in a friend

what i look for in a friend is someone funny honest not scared to stand up for what they believe in will tell me if im being a jerk loyal and not going to ditch me for a SO

Sounds like you would be friends with someone amazing! Thank you for coming and joining me for this interview!

Thanks for letting me I had fun

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