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Interview with @qimagine

Hi! Nice to have you here!

Thanks! It's nice to be here!

ok, what is your favorite thing to do in either winter, summer, fall or spring?

My favorite thing to do in most seasons is to hike and be outside (except winter) I'm a big hiker and love to see animals and different landscapes

sounds like you are tons of fun to be with!

Thanks! I'd like to think so =)

What do you think you will be like ten years from now?

10 years from now, I hope to be a more known author. I have a head full of stories and dreams, and would like to share them with the world as much as I can

wow! sounds great What do you think was the nicest thing you did for someone?

So far the nicest thing I've done was give inspiration to someone in need. I'm an avid donator and have donating a lot of things such as clothes and furniture. I recently just donated some more clothes and left an encouraging poem in one of my old sneakers. The clothes were set to go to army veterans in need, and I felt that a warm poem would be a fun surprise. As well as create more hope for them.

Wow! That sounds so nice! What do you look for in a either a friend or boyfriend or girlfriend?

For a friend or partner, I look for someone who is honest and open minded. Someone who likes to have fun and someone who isn't afraid to be themselves

Very nice! Tell me about something u think is super gross

I think dirty snow grosses me out. I live in NY where after a snow storm, the snow turns to ice and becomes brown. Always grosses me out when I have to walk on it. That's probably weird haha lol

not weird at all Last question, Last question, what is your favorite movie?


cool, what's it about?

It's about this team of humans traveling to another planet for resources but have an issue with an indigenous alien species. They use something called an 'avatar' (spoiler alert) to communicate to the alien species as well as learn about them

Nice! I guess that closes off our interview for today, thank you for coming!

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