The World Burned
The World Burned chaos stories

arielkraitzick Community member
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After the devastation of the Capitol riots, the words of Fahrenheit 451 ring loudly in my ears...

The World Burned

"It was a pleasure to burn.

To see things eaten, to see things blackened and changed."

We set the world alight you see

For a day the world burned

Sparkled glimmering charcoal

Crowds of ash carried by the "winds of change"

For a day the world descended into chaos

Not the chaos we had grown accustomed to

But a new chaos

A chaos that screamed: I am here

Dousing the world in petrol

And singing to the flames: We are here

To let the voiceless tell their stories

(By rewriting them in our narrative)

For a day the world descended into chaos


In the catacombs beneath the noise

Where the old chaos reigned

A silent indifference

seeping through the faded whimpers

We burn to forget the suffering

To remind the world that we are here

That we exist amongst the chaos

For a day the world burned

And with it- their stories.

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