The Nightjar
The Nightjar  father stories

arieljones I just gotta get it out, ya know?
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Today is my Dad's death anniversary. He was an incredible poet and died suddenly. This poem is both a tribute to him on this day and also a plea to him to allow me to grow as a poet outside of his ever-looming shadow of greatness....

The Nightjar

Puerile jabs efficiently

Unveil in crisp transparency

The Night Jar's hidden lust to be

The very stuff of Freedom.

But finally in my grasping hand

Covetous, I beg you to understand

So delicate, so inarticulate

My prodigy begot of Freedom.

Indebted although I am to thee

To my Eternal Dawn concessions will be

But please let me have what is special to me?

I beg you my chance to write Freedom.

Although tortured by festivity

100 glasses (or immeasurable maybe)

Clink their nods and tip their cups

In gesture: exaltation.

As suddenly does poor Whip-poor-will call,

While changes the sun ever over et al.

Perpetual, unyielding, relentless I stall.

And I listen!

Will y'all listen?

To Freedom.

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