What is love?
                  What is love? poetry stories

ariannamac Ayo got rejected by my bff Check
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Might have like one curse word. Anyways this is a poem about what love really shoukd be, and what it should not be.

What is love?

Love is NOT when you shove the other person out of the way to get to your secret "Bae."

Love IS when you guys equally love one another, A.K.A Each other.

Love is NOT when on valentines day, you get no love just a nudge into the fudge you FRIEND got you.

Love IS when when you can both trust each other, and not be afraid of one another.

Love is when you guys take tiny strolls instead of begging back for that troll.

And lastly, Love is when you guys are equally feeling the relationship, instead of one being sad to never be able to go through the cool sh*t.

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