How I See Them
How I See Them lgtbq+ stories

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An outside observer's feelings on the relationship of a close loved one

How I See Them

Her voice is different on the phone Like she's speaking to a child But she will speak in monotone Her investment seems so mild

They cannot cope with one another She takes but offers no reprieve She relies far to heavily on her A true partnership is hard to conceive

She offers more than we could repay To all whom she loves I suppose But if she started to notice her slipping away Is that why she proposed?

She won't help herself but she hates how she feels So she's left to pick up her pieces But who will do that for her when she reels? Her list of fears increases

Their common enemies keep them united Individual home lives make them a team But I fear their plans might be farsighted Their idea of escape might not be what it seems

If they truly exist together If they try to create a home

Would it really be for the better? Would their priorities begin to roam?

I want her to be fulfilled More than I wish it for myself I know she can be strong willed I want her to worry about herself

I cannot possibly know everything that goes on But we talk about her a lot What I see I cannot rest my confidence upon Not when her well being seems an afterthought

My bias is true, she means the world to me

But I cant help but worry about what I see

I have no power to say no, they're her decisions to make

Being there for her no matter what is my privilege to undertake

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