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Inspired by a song of the same name. (Frost by Henrik Lindstrand for anyone who wants to look it up)


I lay my head and open my eyes To find a world of sparkling white

And all around to my surprise Where snow covered landscapes and crystal structures dazzling and bright

I took my first steps My footprints in the snow leading away from the hill where I lay

Whirling lavender frozen flecks Came tumbling down from the sky landing on the shore of a bay

An impossible view spectacularly clear Orange pink sands and light purple water reflecting a violet sky

Giant blue boulders that hugged each on coming wave with cheer I run to meet the water I couldn’t stop Didn’t even want to try

Every grain is cool to the touch but my heart is warm I plant my feet on shore and take in the sight

These crystalline specs dance through the breeze like a magical storm An impossible world so frozen and silent but filled with light

The waves call me to the water and I reach out My fingertips graze the shore and it begins to turn to ice

An entire body of water frozen throughout Towering waves still in their place creating an icicle paradise 

And among the sheets of ice a castle appears Solid and frozen but at its center a warm glow

I reach for the door and abandon all my fears This is where I’m meant to be that’s all I know

I do not know what brought me here and I don’t care, no matter the cost I will never leave my wonderland My magical world of living frost

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