The Exact Opposite of Straight
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A little rant about social issues.

The Exact Opposite of Straight

I am what society labels "pansexual."

As a result, people often ask me in unknowing, sad ignorance, "So you'd date ugly people?"

Of course I understand the misconception and confusion people might have on why this matters, considering the fragility of the topic of sexuality.

However, humanity has misconstrued ugliness in that it is visible on people's imperfect appearances.

So, the question remains, would I date "ugly people?"

Girl, hell to the no.

I have a different definition of beauty and ugly.

In the words of ugly, it is dark, and helpless, and malicious.

It is the tainted hearts who succumbed to arrogance and wrath.

It is covered in greed the color of emeralds baiting treasure hunters into a trap.

Ugly is to forget the warmth of the sun, to bathe in the suffering of yourself and those around you in order to justify the evil you've done.

Ugly is terrible, and it is hell.

On the other hand, beauty is the hearts of gold and souls who are filled with hope.

It is the minds that have poetic words and the crinkled faces from laughing so hard at little things.

Beauty is good deeds, happiness, and confidence in oneself.

It is to know love and to be able to give love to another.

Beauty is imperfect, and everyone's beauty is a little different.

But overall, it is the greatest thing I've ever had the privilege of knowing.

So the answer to this mind boggling question is no, I don't date ugly people.

I fall in love with hearts, not parts.

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