An Ode to my Everloving Father
An Ode to my Everloving Father darkprose stories
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Count your blessings. [Warning: child abuse]

An Ode to my Everloving Father

Blessed am I to have a father

One that shall not let me falter

How fortunate am I he doesn’t know

Where I hide, where I cry

Because when I dare

To speak my mind

He gazes at me

With his queasy glare

And engulfs me in

Illusory guilt

But feels too true

To know any better

Society says I am indebted to his savvy

So I bow

But ignorance blinds him

To the dread I house

When characters insist

I must devote to him blind

Confusion seizes my mind like nails to a magnet

I don't recall what it was like

To love him so

When I was a child

Who saw deceiving veracity

In conspicuous deceit

The only thing I've preserved

From yesteryears

Are the tears

That incinerate my throat

Shriveled stinging shame

For something I didn’t do

Feathers are plucked

From wingless birds

And I am skinned alive

By spiteful words

His lies spill on the floor

And I slip

Because falling

Is innocuous

Compared to his

Compared to his Heinous

Compared to his Heinous Serpentine

Compared to his Heinous Serpentine Vindictive

Compared to his Heinous Serpentine Vindictive Eyes

Ascending steps up creaking stairs

Cascades despair as I escape

His counterfeit love

He sinfully believes

Is just as genuine

As the succoring coos

Of the comrades

Who held my hand

Under starry skies

Next to fragile fires

And let me cry myself to death

On their wary shoulders

Who understood

The horrors

Of home

Every story of a doting father

Is a knife piercing me

By the hands of others

That snicker

When I whisper

That the most detestable person

I've ever known

Is the man

Who bore me

And I hate how

I'm too terrified to admit

That in the midst

Of their lasting laughter

My words

Were never more serious

Than they were

At that moment

Fictitious photos

Burn in my hands

Tears decorate my nose

Unknowing smiles

Now too crooked

To be what it once was

Holding hands

With the family I chose

Looking forward to the day

I finally learn

Not to speak


To roar

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