Desire Lost
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Whatever you do, please-please, do not open the locket it’s evil.

Desire Lost

From the remains of Desire; the ship that set out on a cruise and was lost, three things were found within a chest.

With dread, the family and friends of those lost at sea came to identify the objects desperately hoping for that sliver of conviction that at least someone was alive or from the remains something would be explained

The book with its hard dark leather and ink slowly bleeding, held within it pages a faded gold almost bronze locket.

A little key was unearthed in the pocket attached to the back of the book cover; it was the key to the pendant.

With the locket now opened, the most unusual stared back; a dark creature seemed to be made entirely of shadows and no form,

but everyone claimed to see something different but one thing they all agreed on, was the image appeared nothing but threathing.

Maybe the book has an explanation, but the writing on the book brought fear to the readers as it began with a message "Whatever you do, please-please, do not open the locket it's evil."

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