Third Floor Tragedy
Third Floor Tragedy death stories

aremdaich Whole essence of me
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Short reflection about the futility of human life, misery of others and going forward with the life regardless.

Third Floor Tragedy

It's the tragedy of the human spirit to sit alone in a room with a door to his back and screen to the whole world in front of him to see the damage he and his brothers and sisters are causing

And if you're lucky you have a flushing toilet which is like a vortex to filth and shit and rats and civilization

And if you're unlucky you shit and piss outside where the dead cows are the dogs and babies starved to the bones where even the vultures have nothing to eat

And if you're stuck somewhere between luck and unluck you suck old men's cocks so you can afford tuition and some food in hopes you'll live long enough to see the end of un-plucking the pubic hair from your teeth

BOOM the reality hits you harder than jump from a third floor on the concrete head first

You're going to die and you'll be dead just like your friends pets family enemies everyone

The upside: you may day in five years The downside: you may day tomorrow

Worst case scenario: witness how advanced medicine preserve your decaying body while you keep wondering what's this all about and watching porn in the meantime

What the author thinks: do your best get sometimes high and love your parents although I don't know how do you get back once you get high on that third floor.

Go and live And don't you dare to stop Have a good Monday!

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