Therapy session
Therapy session violence stories

aremdaich Whole essence of me
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I just write about it

Therapy session

I too wanted to see flames. Grab some half-rotted dried out creatures and bonfire them. Drill holes in antique structures, fill with dynamite and boom.

Or open some throats and let the staled life trickle out.

I just wanted to see the world explode and implode and I with it.

But when I sprayed that fat cunt with petrol, and played with my lighter, I couldn't.

When I took with me a few cans of mustard gas, in the packed National Gallery, I couldn't.

When I grabbed grandfathers sabre, and run out towards some gipsies, I couldn't.

I wanted to see it explode and implode, I wanted to be removed, but I couldn't.

So I just write about it.

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