Poem for (coke) night
Poem for (coke) night drugs stories

aremdaich Whole essence of me
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Short piece of writing while intoxicated.
No plot, no reason & no ambitions.
About three years ago, London.

Poem for (coke) night

Shooting euphoria, leaving me unconscious.

What values did you agree?

I won't argue my anger or defence mechanisms.

I have to act do what is right true insight;

or just empty phrases?

I'm becoming something, I've very little control over:

the sleep was too long and tiring, it wasn't sleep - it was me trying to be someone.

It wasn't me last 6 years - I certainly don't feel that way.

I feel just a void

I feel I just repeating what I heard. I'm just pre-recorded ape.

Give me some money!

I was drone on a mission collecting information,

just to collect what's inside me.

I'm controlled in a way I've no idea about:

my ambitions,

my fears.

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