LSD Diaries: Intro
LSD Diaries: Intro lsd stories

aremdaich Whole essence of me
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I do not encourage or promote the use of illegal substances. Any reference to an illegal substance is only an artistic stylisation.

LSD Diaries: Intro

I see a green tree from my window. Behind the tree is a red wall and above it blue sky.

I look at the window: is it a transparent wall, or mirror?

Whirlybirds swirl from the tree, my reality is held by a bolt, things move without our interference.

There's an intelligence in movement undetectable by the grammar: similar to a wave in the ocean.

Wave in the ocean.

The melody of the universe spiral through space and around my mind.

I see a love: a solid point in the cosmos around which I can pivot a lever and move the Earth.

I know I'm approaching, but never reaching, the only truth I'll ever be sure of: My life begins and ends right now.

Safety rules:

1. Death isn't taboo.

2. Nothing is taboo.

3. What happens in mind, stays in mind - if I wish so.

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