LSD Diaries II
LSD Diaries II lsd stories

aremdaich Whole essence of me
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I do not encourage or promote the use of illegal substances. Any reference to an illegal substance is only an artistic stylisation.

LSD Diaries II

We're - I'm - I've lived centuries. I've lived a hundred lives.

Most reality - is 2D. What I think as having a dimension, is in fact flat Area. The world of our perception is flat.

What truly gives the VOLUME to life is the Area x Hight. Hight is perpendicular to Flatness.

Axis X is the Universe Axis Y is our perception - senses Axis Z is the will to live

Appreciate the origin (O) of our story.

The intersection in the graph is consciousness, the experience of life.

When I saw the Flatness of my own perception,

When I saw the Flatness of my own perception, I glimpsed what the reality could look like,

I glimpsed the monster I could be,

I glimpsed the angel I could be.

Lying with the mind at flat listening to sounds merging from infinity giving my world a breadth.

It all crumbles to pieces like old people or babies or cheap sink water tap, just corroding its existence away*

*(agitated by cleaning products of a germophobic girl with an unhealthy cigarette tar cough)

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