Are you ready to die?
Are you ready to die? death stories
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aremdaich Whole essence of me
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Short reflection about death - I prepare that all I love or hate will die. It liberates me from fears about future.

Are you ready to die?

Everything will die - unless it's dead already.

My mum, my dad, and yours too, my dog, people I met and couldn't bother to remember, my friends, my enemies, presidents, kings, my neighbours, you'll also die, I'll die.

To live, is to kill - what do I have to kill to live? What will be killed on my behalf? And what on earth is ready to kill me? I know that to live, is to kill something inside me first. Life's a murder.

Death, the great equalizer. Unless you have the guts to go to Hell, don't expect to reach Heaven.

The other option is to hope that you'll make it without harm, without risking anything, without really living your life.

The day comes, when continuing living as I did before will be more painful and meaningless than the dangers of burning bridges and setting myself ablaze.

If I miss that day, I shall perish. If I burn before, I shall perish too. If I time it just right, I perish regardless. All life is a journey to death.

Look inside to see the path to truth, not life, because you're just a rotting bag of bones anyway.

Remember, landslide begins with a tiniest of erosion. A fracture begins with the smallest of a crack. Will crumble with the least noticeable slip of discipline.

Life ends now and begins now, time cannot be recaptured. Only a meaning can be captured, cherished and grown.

And that's my point.

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