After-work delirium
After-work delirium time stories

aremdaich Whole essence of me
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Some thoughts about the time, mind and body I have on my way from work.

After-work delirium

My hands, or what was left of them - two melting popsicles - wash my face. Hope the wages are worthy.

I cross a creature wrapped in a sleeping bag, only his bloated, filthy, chipped, and bruised toes reveal it's a human being.

Someone in my head tells me to go harder, faster, stronger. My heart is pounding, I gotta get there quick. Push it!

Finally on the train. Some brain deficient fella is playing me his favourite rap song. Maybe I head home, maybe I die.

My body is atomized to crumbling relativity, I leave a trail of lost time behind me, the space becomes dark.

I catch a glimpse of a woman. We look in each other's eyes. I know that she knows that I know. I know I still breathe.

I run down the platform past people, across the street - near miss by a car, jump the fence to door, open and slam! I made it home.

I know that you know.

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