Shivering throats.. By: Areeba Hussain

          Shivering throats.. 
By: Areeba Hussain
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First time writing a story over here . Will love to know your reviews

Shivering throats.. By: Areeba Hussain

Scared.... Of me, scared of him scared of all..... Trembling with pain and fear?

(Cries the sacrifice /weak girl) Yess .....

Whack........ (Goes his blade and slits off her throat.........another sacrificed)

Then let's just end....

The blood gurgling out of the delicate neck and the air bubbles coming out were like hope in his sea of terror

So similar..... (recurring memories)

So Charming and so elegant How scared she was when I confessed....... I was so happy to be with her and I loved encouraging her to be bolder

Swearing of this laceration on my neck that pains Back when I was naive, delicate and feeble Gruesomely and mercilessly when this scar was carved

I manifested and struggled to grow stronger Not just physically emotionally but struggled getting stronger by becoming capable of excelling

and I fell in love for her resembling weakness But she gave up and enstrangled herself to death

Along with her she brutally killed the angel in me

Depressed I mourned And battered I rested thinking who was actually at fault

From deep down I heard a voice it was none other at mistake than himself "The weaker"

Though watching first few dying felt bad, sad and guilty...

But this gripping dark And biting loneliness

.....Her painful memory and this full moon night has propped the aggression of the devil in me all over again

So let me free the pain of frail for eternity

Thank you so much clichepenname for encouraging me and supporting me. Honestly I have no idea how it came but I am glad I gave it a try.

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