Passion for bikes By:Areeba Hussain
Passion for bikes 

By:Areeba Hussain
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areeba Voluntarily lost in my own sphere...
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A narrative poem on prompt bike! Thanks for reading. Hope you all will like it

Passion for bikes By:Areeba Hussain

He peeped through the showroom glass And observed everyone who passed In side, all his fantasy bikes were there But he had no money to be a buyer

Every night he sat against the door To lure But he daily worked as a seller Bike ; His only encouragement only compeller

His passion for bikes daily pushed him To work from dawn to dim From being teenager to late middle aged He worked and earned wage

Till he gathered this much to buy a bike Now He had more priorities like Children's education, and his own health How could he spend his wealth?

He turned old but not his love for his bikes Despite such an age he admired them and couldn't force himself to dislike

But they say the fruits of patience and hardwork is sweet And life doesn't end incomplete His son with his quater month sallery Brought him to the bike gallery

They bought it and rode it to home And he felt the best contentment in his last few roams.

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