Magic potion pot
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#Give up greed don't compromise with right

Magic potion pot

Little Yuki was born in family of graziers And her life couldn't have been more crazier

Her father who was poor, but was lucky to find A potion pot that to the soul binds

And gives ability to speak to the non living But since father did'nt find it useful ,to God he starts complaining

How will I go to my brother's daughter's marriage And how can I buy him a beautiful carriage

When he is owner of such a beautiful palace And the grazier sat in solace

If I wouldn't have married against my father's will And wouldn't have came running up the hill

I would have been part of palace But I couldn't have married my love, beautiful Calis

She is so humble and such a beauty But cannot even miss my brother's duty

Why why God why couldn't this pot have some better power Like a fairy with a wand Or a ginny with superpower

When he was busy lamenting and dreaming Yuki was stuck with a thought If non living things to life can be brought

Why not I start sprinkling the water And question things and wait for their answer

we will get to know secrets and from them we can earn According to her plan she sprinkles a few drops from the pot In minutes stone started to burn She got scared to stay at the site or not

And as the smoke subsided voice of the stone was heard And to a place she was guided That place was where sat a princess who was hurt

She had a bleeding wound To which little Yuki dressed Still princess frowned Yuki took her to her place for rest

Father called king And treated her like a guest And for helping her they brought father money and Yuki a gold ring As the princess went

Stone spirits came back to life And said intelligent girl you did right Thats how life will be paradise It seems to me your future is bright but heed to my advice Give up greed don't compromise with right

This pot will help till you are worthy Or else it will change back to normal Yuki smiled in glee As she found this pot that was paranormal

Happily Yuki beautifully dressed For the wedding she wore the ring And to the God gratitude she expressed For sending happiness in a string

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