A Comforting hand By:Areeba Hussain Narrative Poem...
A Comforting hand

By:Areeba Hussain

Narrative Poem...  narrative stories

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A Comforting hand By:Areeba Hussain Narrative Poem...

Her brother ,left her in lachrymose state Totally broken ,on an abandoned fate He couldn't hold his jealousy more He wanted to get rid of her soon for sure

As "they" compared and jeremiad him Like Jenna, you can't even do this Jim! You are 9th grade nothing, still fighting And to the young celebrity you are bothering

He knew very less how much 12 yr old loved her brother She loved to choose him over any other family member She cared for him so much And felt so secured with his touch

That she happily walked along Without thinking that anything can go wrong But this growing hate for the celebrity child Forced him to push her in the crowd of wild

And he ran back home and informed all Jenna went missing and to the police they should call Jenna was searched and was brought back But now she was Agoraphobic and slack

Now She no more was same little confident celebrity Rather had to visit trauma center to improve her new deformity Her condition worsened and she used to cry more Even within small groups of three or four

Only her brother could calm her whenever she felt insecure But her pain now ached his heart even more penitence ,guilt and hate for self kept pinching him off But her smiling innocence and consoling hand Worked as a loneliness, healing wand

This closeness of their relation Led to his transformation Now he is so protective and holds her hand so firm Bcoz After watching her vulnerable side he is always so concerned

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