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sometimes love can kill you.


She stood in disbelief, when he slapped her the first time. She didn't know which pain to feel first, her heart? or the pieces of teeth that she swallowed out of fear? But this time it's different. it was the first time she had seen a monster. with veins sticking out from his neck threatening to kill her.

"I will squeeze the life right out of you" he said. "I will make sure no one can touch you after me". in her twisted little head she knows he's a monster, while trying to fight her heart. deep down she wonders if he does this out of love.

She tries to tell him that she's sorry and that he's her baby. it used to work before but now her body is tired, he never got this angry before. she never been slapped, beaten and abused this much. so much that she cannot fight back anymore.

He lets her neck go and she takes a breath, the blood rushes back to her body and she feels numb and starts to cry. "No, stop crying! please stop crying I am sorry I didn't mean it, if you leave me I swear I will kill myself" he cries. in her head she feels like she's drowning. paralyzed by her own mind.

trapped between his walls. in his kingdom. She holds him to her chest as cries and she tells him. "haven't I always promised you that I'd always be here? and that I would never let you go" calmly he falls asleep so filled with pills and alcohol she knows he might not remember this.

Waking up to a new day seems to be like a rewind for her. he snaps. year after year he gets worse. his words get better. his ways get smarter. until she snapped. asked him to leave he wouldn't let her. he strangled her for one last time. yes. the last time. the last thing she wrote in her diary was ..

"You'll be the end of me" ..

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