Sad For No Reason
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arclaraWhat's there to know?
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A fast, strangely fun and satisfying thing for me to write that I will not put any effort into. But hey, it rhymes.

Sad For No Reason

Sitting alone and sad for no reason

Sure my heart is recently broken

Sure I'm coughing from all the smoking

And sure outside its fucking pouring

But still I'm sad for no reason

I've got no thoughts inside my head

And last night I was in a strangers bed

The pit in my stomach is trying to swallow me whole

And my entire body feels both hot and cold

Maybe its forshadowing

or pms

or the stars

But Mercury in retrograde has already passed

Whatever it is, it fucking sucks

Because pms is keeping me from my bath

And no one is home and I want a dart

And the goddamn rain isn't going to pass

Our heater is broken and its fucking freezing

But most of all, I'm sad for no reason

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