Give You My Heart (An IUXJungkook Fanfiction): ENTRY 1
Give You My Heart (An IUXJungkook Fanfiction): ENTRY 1 iu stories

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Love blooms when you least expect it. As the protagonist of a whirlwind romance webtoon, Lee Jieun is entangled with a fate to forever suffer until her one true love finds her. Tired of being dictated how to live, she sets off to free herself from destiny and fulfil her dreams when one day she finds herself in her creator's world. But when feelings emerge and her will takes over, will she able to find love?

Give You My Heart (An IUXJungkook Fanfiction): ENTRY 1

To everyone reading, a personal blog like this might not be that good of an idea when you're working as a songwriter for one of the most popular boy bands of the world.

And being a junior, especially a successful one, in the company doesn't make anything easier, given the classic bullying.

But when you're practically fictional, you'd want to live it up as much as you can.

Being a writer's creation brings along a certain path destined. And as the protagonist of this set-up, I don't have much choice but to go with my creator's will.

Everything has been pretty cliche so far if you consider typical, The Prince and The Damsel in Distress romance.

But for this bullshit plot I've been helplessly putting up with every possible struggle you could come up with - working hard ever since forever, orphaned, short on money,

bullied by the elite mean girls all throughout school and the list just wouldn't end.

To top all of it, I'm supposed to kindly put up with everything without a fight and watch out for others even if they shove a knife down my throat!

I, Lee Jieun cannot ever come to terms with this ridiculous storyline let alone accept waiting for some top-notch man to get me outta my misery. I am going to save myself.

I could care less about that dumb writer's storyboard. Life is supposed to be lived free of unwanted restraints and everyone deserves this.

Not being able to choose for yourself just takes away every hope you have for going after your dreams. A future you cannot create yourself is not worth the struggle.

This webtoon I'm part of revolves around the renowned boy band, BWF(Boyz With Fun), and their romantic encounters.

As the love interest in this petty work, I am to ride an overly predictable roller coaster till I get together with some guy popping up out of nowhere.

Too bad I don't ever aspire to get caught up in all this unnecessary banter. I dream to be a songwriter and wish to make music for myself.

I tend to think of music as therapy, for every problem there is. It brings me much-needed hope. Hope that someday I'll escape this hell-hole, and live.

If you've heard of Kang Chul, from 'W: Two Worlds', you'd know it is possible to get out of here.

I'd rather figure out how to run away from here than stumbling over again and again for the sake of this stupid plot.

At the moment, anything good that has ever happened with me would be this laptop that somehow connects with the internet of the real world.

Dope, right? I can easily access my webtoon story, A Prince For Me. The day I discovered the truth about my existence, this world's existence, it did take a toll on me.

But the fact that all of this is a lie, and all this trouble can be eliminated if I can enter the real world, makes me not want to question it much.

If I can get a comfortable life, without some relationship bugging me and make music alongside my kitty, Yoonmin, then that's gold.

I better wrap it up now, working for twenty hours straight can do a real number on you. The current project, 'Serendipity' is honestly giving me a hard time.

But I can only hope the outcome is impressive.

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