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"They say that the loveliest angels make the cruellest demons"



by Archangel

The poets sang of ceramic shells;

Of a goddess of love; a goddess of peace, they praised An uncertain glimmer of hope

But darling,

You were the child of a shipwreck Born in the midst of war

- And to war you shall always return

How could you love something so heartless?

But you never said you loved him, Just that he fascinated you

There was another

Moulded from the strength of iron, Hammered in the warmth of the hearth

- Left aching in the forgotten steadiness of home

But instead you wanted the bloodlust

You wanted the bitter glory- You wanted him

So you grasped your prince

And ran like how Icarus flew The feathers slipping eagerly through your spread fingers

- Ignoring how Apollo’s eyes closed for a second time

The angered cry of the war horns,

The desperately bellowed call to arms They called and called to you from across the waste of waters

Yet they landed on willingly deaf ears,

Only simple hallucinations in the heavens, Lost as you explored skin and skin and skin

- Look to your feet, there lie your dying and your dead

In the weighted silence of the aftermath,

After the white noise of chaos had subdued You quickly found yourself tiring of him

And as you stare back at it now

You know it to be the start of your cycle You promised yourself to never be like that wretched King

- But in the end, you always knew you would become

What you said you never would

Now, you cannot tolerate your own heart

The beat is an alien, foreign thing Forever unsteady and splintering with each clench

How could you have condemned Narcissus?

How could you have laughed? When your own Echoes fall and fade

- With every step you dare to take...

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You have a wonderful talent keep writing

bernardtwindwilGold CommaGranddad & story teller,
a year agoReply
Magnificent job of descriptive writing. You brought the images to the readers mind with adroit skill. Great job!!!