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My beloved God. You are the greatest of all forces in the universe. You control and destroy all. You create all and beautify all.

Letter to God

My beloved God.

You are the greatest of all forces in the universe. You control and destroy all. You create all and beautify all.

Your plans are deep and vast, beyond the mental spectrum of humans. Wretched souls we are.....

We have too much of greed, too much madness, too much hope and loads of need. Our requirements are boundary-less and designed like a mirage.

We humans have no remorse for our past mistakes nor any plans to stop ourselves from further damage. We don't even care about fellow humans.

How then, O lord do you plan to teach us to be kind to mother earth?

We accept defeat in finding our inner self, our pure soul. But do not give up conquering other worlds, other human's possessions and other being's happiness or freedom.

Our greed cannot differentiate need and plenty. We always pray to you so we can have MORE!

People have lost trust in their own family and friends. They don't trust anyone just as they don't trust the voice of their soul.

The soul trembles, its hurt and cramped for space and air in their human's vicious hearts. It tries to cry out and warn the body and mind every time its human's boundary is crossed.

But alas! We don't care. We turn a deaf ear, a blind eye, act dumb and senseless to truth - the real truth of life.

This life which humans call as a fun ride is rather a giant wheel with everyone going in circles. The mortal circle of life.

We claim we have conquered life, extended it, improved it - but NO! we have only shortened it and confused it further.

Its like we have directed a movie of our life, the way we want it to look like and watch it over and over again.

We replay it in our madhouse(the mind),

slowly hallucinating ourselves to believe that we are correct and have every right to believe what we desire as the correct sense and everything else as nonsense.

We play each such movie woven in our imaginary bubble and continue to waste this life with no realisation of the truth. The real truth about us that O lord that you plan to show us.

With this little time we have in this world we waste these precious moments disagreeing truth, arguing over lies, accumulating things that will perish and be forgotten with time.

I feel we are not here to be remembered we are just here to do the correct things. It's that simple.

But when realised souls try to act normally other humans make a plan to destroy them.

These humans who are too scared of the truth trouble, insult, continuously prod, seclude and by any means destroy the inner sanctum of the realised ones.

The realised ones live in a virtual cage (lets call it a dungeon). One with no air, no light or space - Just pain, discomfort, anxiety and loss.

The plan to sabotage pure souls is a happening hobby nowadays.

So successful is this business that every other soul even the new ones are conditioned to think and treat these realised souls as aliens. Much worse, these aliens are ill-treated and spit at.

They are gruesomely attacked in all directions, in every part of their life - taken advantage of and stabbed in the back.

These pitiable humans are deprived of basic respect, private space, self thought and mortal comfort. They are called by names such as "disgraceful and abnormal people".

They are classed as mentally unstable personalities, people who cannot think correctly, odd people who cannot go with the flow, politically and socially unfit personalities.

The community does not understand the fact that these odd people are just trying to see through the darkness - they are in the process of finding light.

In the process these so called abnormal humans end up running shoulders with the greedy ones.

Greedy ones whose main goal is to suck the good vibes out of realised souls and in-turn damage the source. In this process the immoral personalities become masters of deception.

They are also masters of self destruction who end up or let's say spread the disease.

God! I have come to realise that I am a misfit. I am being told I am incapable, unable to adjust, morally poor and always anxious.

I am just trying hard to continue living this life in this hateful world. I am just trying to find peace. I am scared, tired and sad.

I am not going to compare myself with anyone here who call themselves successful, happy and fulfilled. Because I know they are lying to themselves.

What was your plan, O lord? Why such disparity, why so much suffering, why so much of fake? Are the sufferers suffering for some mistakes they don't remember?

May be in another life in another world? Is there a bucket list of things to go through, things to redeem my past bad actions?

Is there a super fast button anywhere that would fast play all of my redemptions?

I cry everyday. What's my purpose, I ask.

Even the thought of leaving behind lovely memories does not cross my mind because I am mostly suffering, always thinking of solutions and lost in my own world of finding the inner truth.

Is there a way I can swap with someone more cohesive, more adjustive, always politically and socially correct, follows the rules all the time - someone like a ROBOT?

I am sure my close ones would not complain rather appreciate the change. With time they will assume I have changed.. HA HA!

Time can do miracles you know!Just the way it has transformed me into a sensitive and perceptive human being, I am sure it can heal my close ones.

Hopefully it will teach everyone their lesson as they come close to ground zero in their giant wheel.

People! You don't have to pretend, don't fear of loosing someone special to you just because they don't go with your core characters. Don't show false love, love is pure and charming. Don't disgrace it.

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