Dw i'n Caru Te
Dw i'n Caru Te welsh stories

araxx99 Community member
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Dw i'n Caru Te (I love you)
An English Poem about a Welsh boy

Dw i'n Caru Te

Dear my Welsh half,

You always know how to make me laugh,

you know how to make me smile,

especially at the thought of you at the end of the aisle,

And you know I'd swim the Irish Sea,

Just to say: Dw i'n Caru Te

Now this is getting cheesy,

And you probably feel queasy,

but lets face it, before I was a zero,

And you are 100% my kind of hero.

And before you flee,

I just wanted to say: Dw i'n Caru Te

This verse is now the last,

decided to keep it short and fast,

just REMEMBER, you are always first at my grand prix,

Dw i'n Caru Te

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