Leaf from a Soldier's Notebook
Leaf from a Soldier's Notebook world record poetry stories

arankundu An Engineer, A Coder & An avid reader
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Well, I imagined how a page in a soldier's diary would look like and tried to give it a poetic form!

Leaf from a Soldier's Notebook

On my first day, I took an oath, Either I kill him or we die both

All my training was rough and tight, To ensure my opponent couldn’t give a back-fight,

My friends chose either Engineering or Medicine,

I chose neither O.T. nor the A.C. Cabin,

Now here I am, near the border,

Chin up, eye straight, waiting for order!

Although I chose myself to be here, Believe me, I have a family to care and fear!

My bro, my sis, my dad and my mom, Eagerly they wait, for me to go home.

Courage is all that I’m going to ask for dowry,

From my sweetheart, when we will marry.

They said, this is what I have been trained for, Cause I belong to the army, I’m a warrior.

I may die anywhere in a war zone, One nasty fight can break my collarbone,

I may die also in a blast, I can only expect it, till I last,

I have the gun, I can only fight, I can’t take decisions, I don’t have the right,

Cause I’m not an MP or a Minister,

I just protect them, I’m a soldier!

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