how to get out of your head
how to get out of your head selfhelp stories
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aquinn just tryna find my outlet
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trigger warning!!
the following text is slightly morbid & ultimately depressing. contains mentions of blood. don't read if these things trigger you.

how to get out of your head

How do you feel about blood?

Do you clench your fists at the sight of it?

Does your stomach get all queasy?

Does your heart pound faster and faster, eager to tear open and clash with the warm, red, lively fluid of another being?

Mine does. I can feel it. But not just at the sight of blood. It's yearning to rip is incessant. Every tick of a clock and every non-tick of a clock.

Get out of your head.

Step one: Take your life.

Step two: Put it in a jar.

Step three: Poke five holes in the lid. No more; no less.

Step four: Create a new mind.

Step five: Add qualities essential for a sane & plain life.

Step six: Add three flowers: a sunflower, a red rose, and a wildflower of your choice, but no more and no less than these three.

Step seven: Set your life free.

Step eight: Neglect your flowers. Let them wilt. Let them shrivel.

Step nine: Lose your mind.

Step 10: Realise that the only way to get out of your head is to stop existing.

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