You belong To the Summer
You belong 
To the Summer lalisa stories

aquawritess Community member
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I have weird obsession to this one band member of a famous girl group. I have no one to share it to, but I can't seem to just keep it myself.

You belong To the Summer

From a land of all summer season Grows a flower as vibrant as stars without the moon If you're that sunflower in May I'd be that stupid gardener without pay

The whole you is brighter Than the sun where you dance under

If you're that fancy rose by likely chance I'd be that passerby forever in awe of your elegance

You exude warmth and inspiration The past, the future will envy this generation

But for me you are a lily Ethereal, pure just floating gracefully

With your smile, style charisma and power I still won't consider picking you as a flower

For you belong to the summer Warm, vibrant, alive but gentle

Yes. you are-- all the metaphors of summer.

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