To the Woman I will One Day Love
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To the woman I will one day love

To the Woman I will One Day Love

There's a few things you're gonna need to know

1. Comics are considered a legitimate reading source and you can't tell me otherwise

2. I understand that pizza is not a breakfast food, but if I can have eggs for dinner, why can I not have pizza for breakfast?

3. I will sing to you,

I will sing to you in the car, I will sing to you in the shower, I will sing to you next to your mother,

I will sing to you on your birthday on my birthday and any other time when you make my heart beat to the beat of life.

4. I am really, really bad at singing

5. The moment that you quote treasure planet to me will be the moment my heart will no longer beat inside my own chest.

It will be beating inside your interlaced fingers as you squeeze and you press every ounce of liquid love inside your cup. So you can sip on it whenever you please.

6. There will be days that I don't talk to you, and that's not your fault.

It's just that on those days I can feel the words in my mouth transforming into weapons that will pierce the skin and I'm afraid that when I open my mouth no words will come out,

as I gently whisper your name

7. You are the blood that runs through my veins, and down my hands. That is to say that I would give everything to see you just one more time.

8. I love you

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