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A story of one who regrets loosing a part of himself from the past


I wish for the times.

The times where I had more than what I could have asked for.

The times were happiness was in the eyes of the one.

The one with the greatest smile and perfect body.

The days of me as the blind.

For those were the times.

I wish I could rewind.

Rewind to the times that are slowly fading away.

All these forgotten words and memories.

Pictures forgotten and deleted.

Cause the sorrow was too much to bear for keeping.

Under the aura of a million stars and yet you were the one shining.

Til this day I wish for times of chats and laughs and honesty.

But all that's left is regrets and cruelty.

I wish those times to find their way back.

For my dreams have been tangled by the past.

Selfmade plastic dreams of you and me as one once more.

But the dreams are merely fiction and I must face the upcoming times.

The future without you is what I must do. Everyone wishes for times that have been lost, stolen or forgotten.

We can all wish, but we must live on as if our wishes were granted.

Just live.. Live for life

For Wishes will never be granted without living your own life.

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