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aqua_marine About to have a mental breakdown
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Q&A Time! I didn't get a lot of Submissions so I had a couple of my friends ask me some Questions


1. How are you? I could be better. Things have been crazy for me.

2. Opinions on Corona Well to put it simply... wait no I got a gif for this.

3. Opinions on LGBTQ+ community. Well, I think they're lovely people! They're a community that needs to be noticed and cared for... I'm hetero but I have many gay friends. GAY LIVES MATTER!

4. How old. 15, about to be 16

6. Inspiration to write? to put it simply...


5. What do I look like? HAHAHAHAHAHAAAA! Ok well I have blue eyes and blond hair I'm 4'8 and 80 pounds (Iza doode by da by)

7. Why did I join commaful? Someone introduced me to it. I liked it and boom!

8. What are your favorite games? *Inhales* Animal Crossing New Horizons Overwatch Destiny Minecraft Deltarune Undertale Doom Eternal Skyrim Fallout 4

Fallout 3 Fallout New Vegas Beat Saber VRchat Shovel Knight Plague of shadows *Huff Puff Huff Puff* and d&d

Number 9. Who is your video game crush. ....... Isabelle

Number 10. Who is your main in smash ultimate?

Mii gunner Sans

11. Who is your main in overwatch?


12. Who is your crush in My hero academia? Zoom [Sobs] no more crush Questions

13. Who is your favorite My hero character? DEKUUUU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Deku is Bayboie (Baby)

14. Whats your favorite song (s) *Inhales* The world Revolving Megalovania Lemon Boy Hot Milk Pixle Galaxy Drift Veil City The Vital Vitriol Last Brutal Sister Night of Nights

Number 15. Whats your favorite Reptile? Crested Geckos

That's it everyone thank ya!

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