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Have you ever covered your ears at the sound of the world?

Of Our World

Have you ever covered your ears at the sound of the world?

Have you ever closed your eyes at the sight of it?

Have you ever hid your heart at the cruelness?

I have and I have wondered

where our world has went.

Our world of beauty

Our gifted lives

replaced with the harsh coldness of artificiality

Sure, I must agree,

Sure, I must agree, it's easier

Sure, I must agree, it's easier isn't it?

Quality of living may have rose but the quality of world declined.

It's easy. It's easy. So fast and simple.

Rush to a place, instant communication.

So much that we often forget

that we belong not here but out there

in the world of light.

Of nature.

Of kindness.

Of hope.

Take a step back.

Look at the sky.

And feel the regret of your ancestors.

Think; whisper; cry; What went wrong?

If you ever have the chance, grab the essentials and drive to the countryside.

You'll stop hearing the roars of engines,

instead the chirping of the creatures.

You'll stop seeing crowded streets,

instead animals being free.

You'll stop feeling the rush of life,

instead the tranquil sip of tea.




There's more to this world than what you have now.

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