The Painter
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A story of a talented painter.

The Painter

There once was a painter,

With unimaginable skill

paintings more beautiful than one could believe

A field

So crisp, breezy and bright

sweet air cascading through the wheat; gold and yellow and pink

An ocean

So wide, smooth and bright

Stretching for unimaginable lengths; blue and green and pink

A forest

So dark, peaceful and quiet

Concrete trunks stretching to the heavens; green and brown and yellow

A beach

Sand so soft, silky and warm

Gentle white foam lapping at the shore; white and blue and yellow

But one day the colours faded,

ebbing away as the painter forgot

What colour is the beach? So soft and slippery

What colour is the forest? So dark and cold

What colour is the ocean? So wide and lonely

What colour is the field? So crisp and maze-like

As the colours faded away, as did the painters memories

Of wonderful days, spent in paradise

And now the painter was alone with only the paints

Grey and black and brown

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