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The idea that love is something to be cultivated like a plant. Just the ramblings of someone who is baffled by love and struggles to put her feelings about it into a coherent thought. I do feel love. I just spend a great deal of time thinking about it because I don't always understand it.

By: A.R. Pridgen

A heart shaped plant

by A.R. Pridgen

I think love is like a plant. For it to do well you have to take care of it. If you give it enough attention and care it will grow.

If love is like a plant then that means it has the capacity to keep growing, even you give a piece of it away. Here's the thing with love.

Once you give a piece of it away it will never come back to you.The moment that cutting is separated from the main plant it can never come back; but that doesn't mean it dies.

With a plant you can give a cutting to another person. If that person treats it well that love will flourish and become its own plant in that person's garden adding beauty to their life.

And maybe that person will give you a piece of their own love to plant in your garden.

Of course you have to be careful about giving away pieces of your heart. Give away too many cuttings and your heart won't be able to keep up.

All that will be left of you is memories in other peoples gardens.

Or sometimes, sadly, others won't take care of the cuttings of your heart.

The love you gave will be left to wither and die or tore out like a weed. It will happen at some point in your life. Some people are just lousy gardeners.

You have to be careful about pruning too. It's healthy to break off the dead bits. It encourages new growth.

But if you're too enthusiastic with your pruning you risk cutting out the good along with the bad and it's hard to recover from that. Some people never do.

Everyone has a different heart. Some hearts match yours and encourage your garden to flourish. A flower or tree that compliments your own.

Others though, are an invasive species; beautiful in their own environment but if invited into your space, they'll take over and slowly strangle the life out of you.

The beautiful thing about love is how it can transcend time and space.

As you give cutting of yourself away, surely you will receive some in return; creating a vivid landscape in your heart's garden.

As you care for your own heart, naturally you will reach out to care for the other cuttings left in your care and remember the warmth shared.

And when you eventually see the people who gave a piece of themselves to you, they'll know how much you cared for them while they were away.

A life fulfilled is a beautiful garden filled with love of all shapes, sizes and colors. A garden filled with friends, family, lovers, community, places and experiences.

I can only hope to leave enough of my heart behind so that there was no doubt that I loved and was loved.

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