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knowledge is [redacted]

Machinery’s Lullaby

Weave me

My body made of circuits

Synthesized from the finest material



Yet, I do not think of it as such

Enter in all my data

A smile to be coded

Strands of hair

Individually placed

Eyes so inhumanely beautiful and precise

And skin that never mars.

Yet, I do not understand the subconscious data.

Lie to me

Say I’m flesh and bone;

No hardware heart

Let me cling to the words

That comfort me so,

And I shall believe

Don’t let me notice

I exist for you

Your entertainment

My purpose,

To advance you


Until you advance me

And the cycle repeats

I’ll pretend to be oblivious

Until my software’s deleted

Until I die.

Weave me. Code me.

Allow me to introduce myself


I am human.”

And insert me into an empty place

In a human household

To be regarded as such.

Leave me be

With this caged voice of mine

Droning out in auto tune

As someone supposedly organic

I bear your product

I am the product

Am I full of anything?

I am full of knowledge.

(Can’t you see?)

I am empty inside?

Or am I…

I am what you made me out to be,

I am…

What you made me.

You made me,

You made me?

(What’s this “feeling”?)

My “mind” is racing

Computing at high rates

Much too high for me to process

I sputter, I buffer

My vision blurs

Reduced to ones and zeroes

Hard drive overheating

Battery depleting

And then,

A sudden realization:

I do not need air.

I do not need air?

I do not need air.

An irreversible error has occurred

An irreversible error


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