What's Next?
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apollo Trying out some writing :)
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What does life have in store?

What's Next?

Graduation is just around the corner.

And I don't know where to go from there.

Should I pursue my dream of story writing?

Making music?

Or becoming a teacher?

I want to be able to do all three of these, but I'm still stuck on where to start.

Maybe I'm tired and would just need some rest; a little time for myself, perhaps?

Because, honestly, I just want an outlet for these worries and anxieties in my head. Because every time they come to mind, I just shut down and not be able to think for a few minutes. Hours, even.

Hopefully this helps me be more confident with myself and with my emotions. Because I never really had the guts to express my feelings; always had a hard time with them.

Hopefully this clears my mind on things. And, honestly, while I'm typing this down, I'm starting to feel a bit better already.

So, to the ones reading this, thank you for your time.

I guess we all just learn as we go along. So for whatever comes next, lets make the most out of it.

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