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apollo Trying out some writing :)
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Just wanted to vent things out.

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by ApoLLo

To my friends who I don't meet as often as before

How are you guys doing? I sure hope you're all doing well. How about after we finish our studies, lets all meet up again like before.

To my parents

You both need each other so please don't think otherwise. I hate seeing you two argue and not talk to each other afterwards. Please, from your kid.

To the girl I couldn't be with often

Sorry we couldn't meet as much as I wish we could. After all, we're taking different majors and you have to take a bus ride home. Maybe soon we could be together more. Eventually. :)

To the kid typing this and to the ones reading.

Don't ever think of ending your life. EVER. There's so much for you to do, so much to live for. Keep that in mind. Be thankful for the air you breathe. Be thankful for everything.

Time is unpredictable

It sometimes feels long, sometimes short. So, please, use it as much as possible. Live your life as if it's a painting. Make it colorful. Make it Beautiful.

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