How Does It Feel?
How Does It Feel? abuse stories

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This poem is about the men (and women) that abuse their S/O.

How Does It Feel?

How does it feel to be the one she loves? how does it feel to be the one she adores?

Even when you hurt her, she still adheres to all the lies you tell her when she threatens to call it quits and break up,

No Please, No Sorry, It wont happen again! But instead you make it worse, you give her more pain.

I'm the guy who she calls when she cries when you're doing these things and all I can do is plead her to break up with you for the multiplied time.

You are the guy that she has loved for quite some time, even when you cross that very high line that she holds for you

You are a guy with a child who is so benign but what will he be when he grows older When all he knows is to beat his mum and look over her.

You mightn't have had a good life yourself, but don't lay that on your newly grown family, Put your problems in a locked box up in the shelf

But then again, that is your problem... you're selfish and arrogant, You'll just take it down, bust open the lock to unleash your anger,

Everyone will stand around from the shock of what happened, but not me, I'll stand forever in strain, while you look at their faces on a memorial plane.

How does it feel now? Please, please tell me how, how it feels to be the one she so dearly loved,

For if she loved someone else, oh how her life would differ from how it is now.

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