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This is a memory of the day I can never forget. The first time I made a plan to go out and It certainly didn't go as planned.

By: Anushka

by Anushka

25th December, 2017. That's the day for the first time ever I decided to hang out with my friends and we decided that we'll be going to Katapatthar (Uttarakhand). It's a perfect picnic spot.

So, we started from our places, met at Bistro then, we left for Katapatthar. On the way, we were listening to songs from all the Genres. From Justin Bieber to Ashfaqullah Khan.

From Selena Gomez to Guru Randhawa. And OMG we ate like Hyenas. But in totality It was Perfect. *Dramatic Drumrolls* : Until we reached Katapatthar.

We were supposed to walk a little to reach our desired location and it gave us girls a perfect reason to show off our attires to our respective crush-es. So finally, we are here.

We set our food items(Yeah, we had more food in our Bags), and mats(that no one besides me used), and started enjoying our food(we ate again, No wonder I have stomach rolls, anyways),

clicking pictures and everything. Then it started raining Cats and Dogs(The first time I decide to go out and this is what I get).

We didn't even get to spend 5 minutes over there and it started to Rain and Heavily doesn't even cover it(I am certain I'll die single because even God doesn't give me Space).

So we packed everything and we ran to our Car and we sat and started towards our Home(or so we thought).

On the way back we thought we'll have a normal ride but that night turned out to be the most horrific night of my life. 1. Since it was raining heavily, some trees fell. and OMG THAT..

YES THAT was SCARY(learn something from Nature Horror-movie makers) and a lovely tree blocked our way so we had to wait for 2 hours because the villagers from the nearby village were cutting

off the wood. That might be enough right ? NO. 2.We experienced Hail Storm. Now we were 16 year-old and 2 of us were 18 but still we were kids.

And if that's what we get on our trip, We'd better stay Home. And did I mention those Hails weren't the normal kind.

They were the size of Sam's Fist (sam's a friend and his hand's BIG, like REALLY BIG). Okay Okay Now this'd be enough right ? NADA.

The way that we had to take that'd take us Home was Blocked by ALOT of trees. So now, guess what ? We asked Google. Did it find us a Route ? YES. Did it Qualify to be called a Route ? HELL NAH.

So we started and we thought it was a path, but believe me guys. You know what's it like to Drive on a River Bed with alot lot lot, lot of stones. Nope. Well your friend here knows how it is.

And It's Hurtful. Like all the food we had got Digested(and I think our Organs did too). It was a very long patch(somewhere around 20 kms) but was the only route.

So we got our organs digested and FINALLY, we came on the Main Road. And after an hour we were Home. Now I've never felt that GOOD in my entire life.

I was so happy being home and I promised that I'll never never ever plan any trip.

I'll go on random trips but I will never plan them cause It could be possible that God'd plan some other remember-able night for me. Anyways,God Bless.

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