things that rhyme with you
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apexpredator poetic injustice.
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this is a poem. it's free verse. a little bit of rhyme here and there.
i wrote it for the girl with the three letter, one syllable name. i wonder if she ever writes for me. enjoy.

things that rhyme with you

by apexpredator

i am searching

for things that rhyme with your name

i'm not exactly coming up short

your name has three letters and one syllable

it wouldn't matter anyways

i'm never showing you this

you're never going to see my pages

you're never going to read the pages full of you and full of love and full of heartbreak

you'll only ever occupy my mind

and make my heart ache

the point of the pen

is the sword of the soul and it cuts and when it cuts it bleeds and it pours

but you'll never see it

you won't know my blood on paper

you won't see the poems about you

or the meditations on the things that you do

you are beautiful on paper

but my pen doesn't know you the way that i do

and every flaw you have avoids my writing

and i'm only penciling your perfection in meter and rhyme

and never ever

noting the fact you're never on time

but it doesn't matter

you and i are a story

a story

you and i are story that i wish was non-fiction

but we aren't

we're fiction. we're fake and we're lies and i don't know what your favorite color is or how you like your eggs

and you don't know me

or my lavender converse. or my poetry, or my lies. i never told you who i liked because it was you

because it was you

it's still you

it's always gonna be you

and every word that rhymes

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