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apexpredatorpoetic injustice.
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by apexpredator

she, she, she

if she could get inside the heads of all the girls she's loved

she would paint

she would paint self portraits in their minds that they would reproduce on paper

she would write

scrawl poems about herself all over their cerebral cortices

she would bite her lip

and place the memory of the way she looked in careful hidden spots for them to find later

all she's ever wanted

was for a pretty girl's train of thought to stop off at her smile and never come back

she wants poetic description

she wants the little things outlined in black sharpie

she wants her hair

shining like gold in the sunset, at least according to those pretty girls

she wants pretty

she wants to be pretty in the minds of pretty girls. she wants songs about her eyes and her hair and the way she looks when she laughs

she wants affection

in the form of written admiration of her exaggerated affectations

so when she writes a poem about herself,

don't be surprised

don't be surprised i did it before all the girls i've loved did it for me.

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