His Beasts of Comfort By Anthony Petro
His Beasts of Comfort By Anthony Petro sad stories

apetro96 Searching for peace and happiness.
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The man with a troubled mind was barely saved. These are what saved him.

His Beasts of Comfort By Anthony Petro

It is another day for him. Still searching for something to comfort his troubled mind and broken heart.

With his heart broken they are here to keep his very soul from crumbling.

The beasts. They are not ferocious, not large, and certainly not scary.

These beasts are filled with undying love. Their eyes fill with excitement every time he comes home.

Their paws scratching at the door with the sound of the car door shutting.

As the man lives with a broken heart, these beasts help him keep what little remains of his soul.

The man is searching for a way to ease his troubled mind, but for now they help him.

His beasts of comfort.

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