A Man and His Canoe By Anthony Petro
A Man and His Canoe 

By Anthony Petro canoe stories

apetro96 Searching for peace and happiness.
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The story of a man and his troubled mind. How does he ease the pain?

A Man and His Canoe By Anthony Petro

It is an early morning. The birds chirping, dogs barking, and his stomach rumbling.

Something is troubling him, like every morning it seemed.

He never spoke of it, he instead did his best to suppress it.

Unlike many he doesn't use a drink, he uses his canoe.

Twenty minutes down the road is a canal. Surrounded by nothing but the beauty of nature.

He slides his canoe into the water and he begins to paddle.

The only sound being the paddles tapping the water with every stroke.

His troubled mind is now at ease.

While he lives in an imperfect world, everything in this moment feels perfect.

To his right are turtles bathing in the light of the sun.

To his left are mallards huddled together like a perfect family.

In the middle of the canal is the man. Doing what he can to ease his pained mind.

He keeps paddling down the canal.

All alone is the man and his canoe.

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